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Families Know Best Survey Results

Families Know Best (FKB) is a voluntary parent advisory group.  Families Know Best gathers input from families of children with disabilities and chronic health conditions.  Participating families are asked to fill out quarterly online or print surveys about the services they receive.  Information gained through these surveys will be posted here as it becomes available.

FKB September 2021: Back-to-School Preparedness/Transition from Remote to In-Person

FKB June 2021: Behavioral and Mental Health Education/Crisis Intervention Needs

FKB March 2021: Knowledge and Awareness of COVID-19 Vaccine Information 

FKB December 2020: Knowledge and Awareness of COVID-19 Resources and Information

FKB September 2020: School Re-opening and Related Services during COVID-19 Pandemic

FKB June 2020: Coronavirus/COVID-19 Follow-up Survey; Infographic comparing results of March and June 2020 COVID-19 FKB surveys.

FKB March 2020: Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic Needs

FKB December 2019: Resources for Healthcare and Policy Information

FKB September 2019: Transition Services Update

FKB June 2019: Respite Care Update

FKB March 2019: Medicaid Benefits and Services

FKB November 2018: Durable Medical Equipment

FKB August 2018:  After School Care

FKB April 2018:  State Services/Division of Public Health-Maternal and Child Health Bureau

FKB January 2018:  Parent Training Opportunities

FKB October 2017:  Special Needs Planning/Legal Services

FKB June 2017:  Mental/Behavioral Health Services

FKB February 2017:  Support Services

FKB October 2016:  Care Coordination and Communication

FKB May 2016:  Care Coordination

FKB November 2015: Parent to Parent Support

FKB June 2015: Emergency Preparedness

FKB February 2015: Medical Home

FKB December 2014: Health Care Transition

FKB October 2014: Adapted Physical Education

FKB March 2014: Web-based Resources

FKB October 2013: Assistive Technology

FKB June 2013: Respite Care

FKB February 2013 : Transition

FKB August 2012: Care Coordination

FKB March 2012: Recreation