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State of DE – Conversation on COVID-19 Communications: Messaging to Younger Delawareans – April 23

From the State of DE –

Conversation on COVID-19 Communications: Messaging to Younger Delawareans

Fri Apr 23, 2021 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

Join Public Information Officers from the State of Delaware and the PRSA – Delaware Chapter for a first-of-its kind conversation.

This discussion will be specifically about reaching out to younger Delawareans aged 16 years and up, college-aged young adults, and young professionals to give information to this group and encourage their greater participation in getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

State representatives will start us off with an overview of where we currently stand in terms of messaging. Next, we will head into virtual breakout rooms for the first time to discuss four specific topics:

  1. Communications Contributors: We have heard that people want to hear from their friends, families and neighbors when it comes to the topic of the vaccine. How do we get younger Delawareans engaged in this conversation? Would an ambassador program work here?
  2. Tik Tok: The State is new to Tik Tok. How do we best use, and encourage younger Delawareans to use this platform to spread the good word about getting vaccinated? Good idea? Bad idea? What creative strategies should we implement?
  3. Where should we be? The State has tried to reach Delawareans on every platform since the start of the crisis, from billboards, to social media, to grassroots efforts. We know there’s still more work to be done. Where else should we be? Hint: Think out of the box.
  4. Summer: How can we continue talking about prevention strategies throughout the spring and summer months?

Please indicate on your registration if you’d like to be a part of a particular breakout room.

We want to include as many people and groups as possible for dialogue and refreshed thinking around this issue. Our goal is to develop the visual concepts, messaging, media platforms and verbiage that will encourage this younger audience to get vaccinated and maintain COVID public safety protocols. We are looking for ideas, feedback, and content from you and your organization

Each participant will receive a unique digital badge for display on LinkedIn for attending this special session. We hope to follow it up with more sessions like it in the future.

Please join us for this creative forum! To register, please click HERE.