Member Spotlight

Champions for Children’s Mental Health is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization in Delaware serving families statewide, who have a child, birth to eighteen years of age, with a mental or behavioral health diagnosis, including autism. They believe in the dignity of every family, in the importance of hope and the unique value of lived experience. They embrace a respectful, professional and exuberant organizational culture that cultivates family members into mental health community leaders.

The mission of Champions for Children’s Mental Health is to empower, inspire and educate Delaware families caring for children with behavioral and mental health concerns.

Balancing the needs of a family, following the suggestions of professionals and learning how to navigate the healthcare system can make the day-to-day work of a parent of a child or youth with mental health concerns tiring and frustrating. Families report that it often helps to have another parent to talk to and share their experiences along the way. Champions for Children’s Mental Health offers two important programs to support that need:

Family Support Providers –

Family Support Providers (FSP) offer structured and strength-based relationships between themselves and caregivers. In linking valuable skills and training with the lived experience of parenting a child with emotional challenges, FSPs are uniquely qualified to support families in:

  • Identifying resources
  • Connecting with services
  • Navigating care systems
  • Building natural supports

Family Partners –

The Family Partners Program offers monthly support group meetings in each county for individuals parenting a child with emotional challenges.  Currently, these meetings will be occurring in three separate groups by county via Zoom. For more information about these support groups, please click HERE.

Champions for Children’s Mental Health is a Medicaid funded organization and they also partner with State of Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth, and Their Families (DSCYF). Services are free for children, referred through the DE Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health (DPBH), who qualify for the System of Care Grant, whether they have private insurance or no insurance.

In addition to DPBH, they collaborate and partner with a number of organizations, including Parent Information Center of Delaware, Autism Delaware and other community agencies.  They do not currently have bilingual staff, however, DPBH coordinates interpreter services for families they refer.

Champions for Children’s Mental Health supports families with youth transitioning from pediatric to adult mental health services and supports.  They connect families with the organizations they need to work with during the transition, they assist families in developing transition plans and help them complete applications for state services.

Family Support Provider Training

If you are a parent or a family member of a child or youth with behavioral and/or mental health concerns who has leadership skills and want to use your experience and skills to help other families, consider becoming a Family Support Provider (FSP). Champions for Children’s Mental Health provides training and connects trained family members with families who need their help.

The training is for Delaware Family Support Provider certification involves 56 hours of training, two exams, and 1000 supervised hours. Additionally, 24 hours of training is required annually to maintain certification.  The additional training may be on topics such as ethics, cultural competency and HIPAA.

They offer a variety of workshops and training for families as well.

Champions for Children’s Mental Health is located at:
907 N. DuPont Hwy
Suite 100
Milford, Delaware 19963

Their contact information is as follows:
Phone: 302-503-7198

For more information about Champions for Children’s Mental Health, please visit their website at: