Family SHADE

Enable. Empower. Enrich.

Enable. Empower. Enrich.

Staff, Partnerships, and Family Leadership Network

Family Leadership Network
  • Angela LaManna
  • LaToya Chandler
  • Amy Fierro
  • Monique White
  • Griselle (Vanessa) Rodriguez
  • Brittany Kessler
  • LeTonya Wilson
  • Kathy Maas
  • Tuaheedah Muhammad
  • Rebecca Rudy

Family SHADE Partnerships

Family SHADE Partners work closely with Family SHADE and use their specific areas of expertise to advance Family SHADE’s mission. The Partners include the Coordinating Council for Children with DisAbilities, the Division of Public Health/Maternal Child Health Bureau, Delaware Family Voices and the Parent Information Center of Delaware.

Delaware Division of Public Health, Maternal Child Health Bureau

Maternal Child Health Bureau’s Maternal and Child Health Block Grant program, Title V of the Social Security Act funding, is intended to improve the health of all mothers and children and provides or ensures prevention and primary care services for children, pregnant women, mothers and infants and children with special health care needs. The Office of Children with Special Health Care Needs provides statewide leadership through partnerships with key stakeholders including families, children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN), as well as state and community organizations to improve the well being of CYSHCN.

The Division of Public Health, Maternal Child Health Bureau funds Family SHADE as part of its efforts to improve the health and support for CYSHCN and their families in Delaware.

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