Family SHADE

Enable. Empower. Enrich.

Enable. Empower. Enrich.

Become a Family Leader 

This network is for parents/guardians of children birth to 26 that have a suspected or diagnosed disability. The network membership includes trainings, monthly learning community sessions, and support with IEPs, and referrals. Participants will receive monthly stipends for attendance and participation. 

Leadership Training: 

The evidenced based training, Parents as Collaborative Leaders, will cover topics such as: 

  •      Defining Parent Leadership 
  •      Listening & Asking Clarifying Questions 
  •      Critical Elements of Collaboration 
  •      Tips for leading meetings and more… 

Learning Communities: 

Family Leadership Network (FLN) Members also serve on learning communities – topic specific opportunities serving children with special healthcare needs. Members will meet regularly and will participate in discussions and brainstorming sessions. 

Individualized Support: 

Each member will have access to mentorship and individualized support including a review of their child’s 504 and/or IEP. They will also have priority registration to our upcoming Family Leadership Advocacy Events held annually in English and Spanish 

Apply NOW to be a part of PICs Family Leadership Network! For more information and an application, call: 999.7394 x 104, or 

Please click here to see a list of our Staff, Partnerships, and Family Leadership Network.

Christina Andrews 
302.999.7394 ext 1104