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Inclusion Conference Registration Deadline – February 27

Delaware’s 25th Annual Inclusion Conference
March 13, 2019
Dover Downs Hotel

Preregistration is required.   Register by Wednesday, February 27, 2019 
Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Keynote: Solutions for Equitable Access—Elizabeth Berquist

In addition to the Keynote, you will able to register and attend one of six workshops.

Workshop 1: From Exploration to Full Implementation: Using Universal Design for Learning to Meet the Needs of ALL Students—Elizabeth Berquist

Workshop 2: Trauma Responsive Approaches Across the Tiers—Lynne DeSousa

Workshop 3: Using a Coaching Interaction Style in Early Childhood Intervention—M’Lisa Shelden and Dathan Rush

Workshop 4: Informing Instruction and Decision-Making in the Provision of Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)—Linda Bastiani Wilson

Workshop 5: Join the Revolution: Communication Through Writing for Students with Significant Disabilities—Janet Sturm

Workshop 6: Optimizing Learning Environments for Bilingual Learners with Special Educational Needs—Cristina Sanchez-Lopez

Go to www.deinclusionconference.org for more details about the keynote and workshop options.