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Nemours Children’s Health System/Live Q&A: Cerebral Palsy – March 17

Nemours Children’s Health System

Live Q&A: Cerebral Palsy – March 17 at 12 pm

Join us for a live Q&A on this webpage or on Facebook, with Kathleen Miller-Skomorucha, Occupational Therapist, and Carolyn Sewell Roberts, Social Worker, about maximizing the potential of your child with cerebral palsy (CP) by working with their care team to set goals.

Learn more about:

  • How to set realistic goals for a child with CP
  • Appropriate physical and mental goals
  • Partnering with your child’s health care team for successful goal setting and attainment
  • The importance of regular follow-up visits with specialists and therapy services; minimizing delays in surgery

Link for live Q&A: https://blog.nemours.org/2021/02/live-qa-cerebral-palsy/