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Enable. Empower. Enrich.


If your child is diagnosed with a disability or chronic medical condition, life may feel like it has been turned upside down. Learning about your child’s diagnosis can help you gain some level of control over a situation that may feel overwhelming and confusing. Look here for information about understanding developmental delay, where to turn if you have a concern, and early childhood programs.

Also listed here are local, state, and national listings for condition specific organizations. Some of the organizations listed may be run by parents of children with special healthcare needs while others may be advocacy organizations. You may want to put your name on an email listserv or mailing list so that you can be notified about upcoming events and conferences, receive the latest research, and get connected with other families.

This section will help you identify the first steps in finding the supports and services you and your family may need. For more information, try searching the Family SHADE database or call Family SHADE at 1-855-755-7423.