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Adult Services

As a child with disabilities nears the age of adulthood (18), there are many steps needed to establish adult eligibility. Your child must apply for Social Security benefits, plan the transition from school as well as move any children’s services to adult comprehensive or support services.

There are several state agencies who play a role in your child’s access to residential and employment services as an adult. Adult services are based on eligibility criteria and are not guaranteed by law like educational services. Make sure that you contact these agencies well before your child’s 18th birthday.

There are a wide array of residential and employment options for people with disabilities. Learn more about the options by watching these videos from Nemours.

Click HERE to view a video that discusses the variety of residential programming available to people with disabilities in the adult world and how to make sure young adults are registered with the right services in their state.

Click HERE to view a video that offers guidance to make sure young adults get the most out of high school and are aware of their options, including post-secondary education, job training programs, day programs and competitive employment. Vocational rehab services, adult disability resource centers and family-to-family information networks are also addressed.