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Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDS)

Services from DDDS will make it easier for families to care for a family member with a developmental disability.  DDDS provides parent training, reimbursement, respite services, crisis intervention, in-home care, recreation, and social supports.  DDDS services can help in the development of work skills, self-care skills, community living skills, leisure/social skills, and academic/communication skills. Services are arranged according to each person’s special needs and available to help families continue to care for their family members at home.

For eligibility and application information, ask for the DDDS Intake Coordinator.  It is recommended that you register as soon as the developmental disability is diagnosed in order to secure respite services for your young child through adulthood.  Your family member should be registered with DDDS at least 5 years before high school graduation to provide full services during adulthood.