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Birth to Three: Child Development Watch

Child Development Watch is the statewide early intervention program for children ages birth to 36 months of age. Child Development Watch helps you answer the question, “Is my child growing like other children?” Your child may be growing and changing, yet have difficulty hearing, seeing, talking, moving, or learning the way other children do. This is called a developmental delay.

You want to learn about a developmental delay as early as possible so your child can receive services at an early age. Services are designed to meet the developmental needs of a child and the needs of the family enhancing that child’s development. Services include: assistive technology; audiology; family training and counseling; health services; nutrition plans; nursing services; occupational therapy; physical therapy; psychological services; social work; special instruction related to the child’s skill development; speech-language therapy; transportation; and visual services.

For information or to make an appointment, call the service center nearest you.  Your doctor may make a referral to Child Development Watch, although you can call directly if you are concerned about your child’s development.



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