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Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH)

The mission of DSAMH is to promote health and recovery by ensuring that Delawareans have access to quality prevention and treatment for mental health, substance use, and gambling conditions. DSAMH serves the adult (age 18 and older) population in need of publicly funded behavioral health services. DSAMH is organized into three operating units. These are the Delaware Psychiatric Center (DPC), two Community Mental Health Centers with six sites, and a variety of community-based Substance Abuse Treatment Programs. Their services include: community mental health treatment, counseling and support services; supported housing services that promote independent living and community integration; mobile crisis intervention services; inpatient psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis and treatment; substance abuse treatment and prevention services; assessment and case management services for clients sentenced by the Drug Court; and problem gambling services.



DSAMH Central Office
1901 N. Du Pont Highway
New Castle, DE 19720