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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Taskforce

The mission of Delaware’s Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders Task Force is to provide leadership and foster effective collaboration in addressing FASD prevention and intervention statewide. This mission includes:

  • Engaging and mobilizing state-based and community-based professionals as well as individuals and families affected by FASD
  • Identifying FASD-related needs, interests, resources, and gaps
  • Contributing to the development, implementation, and evaluation of a strategic plan to address FASD prevention and intervention
  • Strengthening coordination and integration of FASD prevention and intervention programs and services
  • Increasing public knowledge and raising awareness about FASD in Delaware



Mike McHugh, HS-BCP
Delaware Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Task Force

Phone: 302-777-9749
Fax: 302-658-9392