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Parent Information Center (PIC)

The Parent Information Center provides information about disabilities and special education rights, consultation about obtaining appropriate services for children with disabilities, and helps parents prepare for Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and other school meetings.

The Parent Information Center can assist you to better understand your child’s rights and opportunities in education, obtain information about all types of disabilities, find solutions to problems and concerns about educational services, and learn about programs and services that promote growth and independence.



404 Larch Circle
Wilmington, DE 19804

13 Bridgeville Road
Georgetown, DE 19947


Phone: 302.999.7394
Fax: 302.999.7637

Phone: 302.856.9880
Fax: 302.856.9882
Toll Free: 888.547.4412

Website: http://www.picofdel.org/